Order SQUATINIFORMES (Angel Sharks)

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Family SQUATINIDAE Angel Sharks
1 genus • 21 species

Squatina Duméril 1806    presumably tautonymous with Squalus squatina (no species mentioned), meaning skate, which angel sharks superficially resemble

Squatina aculeata Cuvier 1829    sting, referring to large thorns on head and along back

Squatina africana Regan 1908    African, referring to distribution from South Africa to Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar

Squatina albipunctata Last & White 2008    albus, white; punctatus, spotted, referring to distinctive white-spotted color pattern

Squatina argentina (Marini 1930)    ina, belonging to: Argentina, referring to Buenos Aires, type locality (occurs in Atlantic from Brazil to Patagonia)

Squatina armata Philippi 1887    armed, referring to heavy thorns on snout and between eyes, large hooked thorns on back, and enlarged thorns on leading edge of pectoral fins

Squatina australis Regan 1906    southern, referring to distribution along coast of southern Australia

Squatina caillieti Walsh, Ebert & Compagno 2011    in honor of Gregor Cailliet (b. 1943), Moss Marine Landing Laboratories, California State University, for his contributions to ichthyology, especially chondrichthyan age and growth

Squatina californica Ayres 1859    ica, belonging to: California, referring to type locality in San Francisco Bay

Squatina david Ayres 1859    in honor of the first author’s son David (pronounced dahveed), who passed away 7 March 2011 [a noun in apposition, without the patronymic “i”]

Squatina dumeril Lesueur 1818    in honor of zoologist André Marie Constant Duméril (1774-1860) “in testimony of [Lesueur’s] remembrance and esteem” (not in honor of Duméril’s equally famous zoologist son Auguste, who was born in 1812)

Squatina formosa Shen & Ting 1972     referring to Formosa (Taiwan), type locality (also occurs in Philippines)

Squatina guggenheim Marini 1936    in honor of the Guggenheim Institución, which funded Marini’s studies

Squatina japonica Bleeker 1858    Japanese, referring to Nagasaki type locality (but occurs throughout Northwest Pacific)

Squatina legnota Last & White 2008    legnotos, having a colored border, referring to dark anterior edges of pectoral and pelvic fins

Squatina nebulosa Regan 1906    cloudy or dark, referring to brown-black marbled coloration

Squatina occulta Vooren & da Silva 1991    hidden, referring to its identity remained hidden among a group of morphologically similar sympatric species

Squatina oculata Bonaparte 1840    having eyes, referring to symmetrical ocelli seen on some specimens

Squatina pseudocellata Last & White 2008    pseudo, false; ocellata, ocelli, referring to indistinct ocellate markings on pectoral fins

Squatina squatina (Linnaeus 1758)    Latin for skate, which angel sharks superficially resemble

Squatina tergocellata McCulloch 1914    tergum, back; ocellata, ocelli, referring to dark-edged and dark-spotted ocelli on dorsal surface

Squatina tergocellatoides Chen 1963    oides, having the form of: “closely allied” to S. tergocellata but with a different color pattern, much longer tail, more numerous snout tubercles, and no medial series of dorsal tubercles