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2 genera • 7 species

Pliotrema Regan 1906    pleion, more; trema, hole, referring to six gill slits compared to five in Pristiophorus

Pliotrema warreni Regan 1906    in honor of Ernest Warren, Director of the Natal Government Museum, who sent specimens to the British Museum

Pristiophorus Müller & Henle 1837    prizo, saw; –phore, to carry or bear, referring to saw-like snout

Pristiophorus cirratus (Latham 1794)    curly or fringed, referring to long, string-like ventral barbels

Pristiophorus delicatus Yearsley, Last & White 2008    dainty or delicate, referring to fine, delicate rostral teeth on elongated rostrum

Pristiophorus japonicus Günther 1870    Japanese, referring to type locality (but occurs throughout Northwest Pacific, including Korea, northern China and Taiwan)

Pristiophorus lanae Ebert & Wilms 2013    in honor of “shark enthusiast” Lana Ebert [the senior author’s niece] on the occasion of her graduation from the University of San Francisco [her brother is similarly honored; see Rhinobatos austini, Rhinopristiformes]

Pristiophorus nancyae Ebert & Cailliet 2011    in honor of philanthropist and marine biologist Nancy Packard Burnett (b. 1943), Monterey Bay Aquarium, for her gracious support of chondrichthyan research at the Pacific Shark Research Center at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Pristiophorus nudipinnis Günther 1870    nudus, bare; pinnis, fin, referring to most of dorsal fins and upper sides of pectoral fins being scaleless

Pristiophorus schroederi Springer & Bullis 1960    in honor of William C. Schroeder (1895-1977), Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, world expert on sharks, skates and rays