Order POLYMIXIIFORMES (Beardfishes)

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Family POLYMIXIIDAE Beardfishes

Polymixia Lowe 1836     poly, many; myxia, mixing, referring to how P. nobilis appears to combine characters from multiple groups of fishes (e.g., general aspect of Berycidae, chin barbels of Mullidae)

Polymixia berndti Gilbert 1905    in honor of Louis E. Berndt, market inspector in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA), who secured type at a Honolulu fish market, and to whom the second season of investigations by the U. S. Fish Commission in the Hawaiian Islands owed much of its success

Polymixia busakhini Kotlyar 1992    in honor of Kotlyar’s friend, ichthyologist-turned-painter S. V. Busakhin, who contributed greatly to beryciform systematics with his 1982 revision of the family Berycidae (at the time, Polymixiidae was placed in the order Beryciformes)

Polymixia fusca Kotthaus 1970    dark or dusky, referring to its brown ground coloration

Polymixia japonica Günther 1877    Japanese, referring to type locality off Hiroshima in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan (occurs throughout Western and central North Pacific)

Polymixia longispina Deng, Xiong & Zhan 1983    longus, long; spina, spine, presumably referring to fourth spiny ray of anal fin equal to length of first soft ray of anal fin, exceeding eye diameter, compared to substantially shorter fourth spiny ray of anal fin of P. fusca

Polymixia lowei Günther 1859    patronym not identified but almost certainly in honor of British biologist-clergyman Richard Thomas Lowe (1802-1874), who proposed the genus in 1836

Polymixia nobilis Lowe 1836    well known or distinguished, allusion not explained, perhaps referring to its notable combination of characters (see genus)

Polymixia salagomeziensis Kotlyar 1991    ensis, suffix denoting place: Sala y Gomes ridge, southeastern Pacific, type locality and only known area of occurrence

Polymixia sazonovi Kotlyar 1992    in honor of Yuriya (also spelled Yurii) Igorevich Sazonov (d. 2002), for his “large contribution to the study of deep-water ichthyofauna of the world’s oceans” (translation)

Polymixia yuri Kotlyar 1982    in honor of ichthyologist Yuri Nikolayevich Shcherbachev, who, upon checking specimens from the southeastern Pacific, suggested they were an undescribed species [apparently a noun in apposition, without the patronymic “i”]