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2 genera • 7 species

Atractosteus Rafinesque 1820    atracto-, spindle; osteus, bony, referring to cylindrical body covered with heavy bone-like scales

Atractosteus spatula (Lacepède 1803)    referring to spatula-like shape of snout

Atractosteus tristoechus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)    tri-, three; steachos, rows, referring to rows of teeth on lower jaw

Atractosteus tropicus Gill 1863    tropical, referring to distribution in Middle America

Lepisosteus Lacepède 1803    lepid, scale; osteus, bony, referring to heavy bone-like scales

Lepisosteus oculatus Winchell 1864    eyed, referring to eye-like spots on body

Lepisosteus osseus (Linnaeus 1758)    bony, referring to head bones and ganoid scales on head and body

Lepisosteus platostomus Rafinesque 1820    platy, flat; stomas, mouth, referring to long, flattened jaws

Lepisosteus platyrhincus DeKay 1842    platy, flat; rhincus, snout, referring to broad and flattened upper jaw