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Family HETERODONTIDAE Bullhead Sharks
1 genus • 9 species

Heterodontus Blainville 1816    heteros, different; odonto-, tooth, referring to pointy teeth (for clutching prey) at front of jaws and rounded molar-like teeth (for grinding hard-shelled invertebrates) at the back

Heterodontus francisci (Girard 1855)    of Francisco, probably referring to San Francisco (city and/or bay), California, USA (although type was collected from Monterey Bay and species may not occur so far north)

Heterodontus galeatus (Günther 1870)    helmeted, probably referring to high, enlarged supraorbital ridges or crest

Heterodontus japonicus Maclay & Macleay 1884    Japanese, described from a collection of fishes from the seas of Japan

Heterodontus mexicanus Taylor & Castro-Aguirre 1972    Mexican, referring to distribution in Gulf of California along the Mexican coast to at least Oaxaca and perhaps to Peru

Heterodontus omanensis Baldwin 2005    ensis, suffix denoting place: Gulf of Masira, Central Oman, Arabian Sea, type locality

Heterodontus portusjacksoni (Meyer 1793)    of Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales, near Botany Bay, were type was collected

Heterodontus quoyi (Fréminville 1840)    in honor of surgeon-naturalist Jean René Constant Quoy (1790-1869), for his friendship, untiring zeal and wide knowledge of zoology

Heterodontus ramalheira (Smith 1949)    in honor of João Ramalheira, captain of the trawler that collected type, and “who has brought in much valuable scientific material”

Heterodontus zebra (Gray 1831)    referring to 12 narrow brown or black zebra-like stripes on body