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2 families • 2 genera • 9 species

Family ELOPIDAE Tenpounders                                 

Elops Linnaeus 1766     Greek for a large sea fish, possibly a sturgeon or swordfish, derived fom a word meaning to drive or move, perhaps referring to their speed

Elops affinis Regan 1909    related, “extremely similar” to E. saurus (18-20 gill rakers on lower part of anterior arch vs. 12-15)

Elops hawaiensis Regan 1909    ensis, suffix denoting place: Hawaiian Islands, type locality

Elops lacerta Valenciennes 1847    lizard, Latin version of Greek-based name of E. saurus, also meaning lizard, referring to lizard-like appearance

Elops machnata (Forsskål 1775)    latinization of machnat, Arabian vernacular for this species

Elops saurus Linnaeus 1766    Greek for lizard, a pre-Linnaean name apparently applied to any sea fish with a vaguely lizard-like appearance

Elops senegalensis Regan 1909    ensis, suffix denoting place: St. Louis, Senegal, type locality

Elops smithi McBride, Rocha, Ruiz-Carus & Bowen 2010    in honor of David G. Smith, Smithsonian Institution, “for his thoroughness in examining leptocephali of Elops to reveal that two morphs were present”

Family MEGALOPIDAE Tarpons                                

Megalops Lacepède 1803    mega-, large; ops, eye, referring to large eye of M. filamentosus (=cyprinoides)

Megalops atlanticus Valenciennes 1847    referring to distribution in tropical Atlantic

Megalops cyprinoides (Broussonet 1782)    oides, having the form of: perhaps referring to its cyprinid-like form or appearance compared to other herring-like members of Clupea, in which Broussonet placed this species