Order ECHINORHINIFORMES (Bramble Sharks)

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Family ECHINORHINIDAE Bramble Sharks

Echinorhinus Blainville 1816    echinos, spiny, referring to thorn-like denticles (brambles) on body; rhine, rasp, an ancient name for sharks alluding to their rasp-like skin

Echinorhinus brucus (Bonnaterre 1788)    etymology not explained nor evident, perhaps from the Greek brucus, heather, alluding to shark’s briar- or bramble-like denticles, or to brux or bruchios, depths of the sea, referring to its deep habitat

Echinorhinus cookei Pietschmann 1928    in honor of conchologist Charles Montague Cook, Jr. (1874–1948), Bishop Museum, Honolulu, for his helpful assistance