Order ALBULIFORMES (Bonefishes)

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Family ALBULIDAE Bonefishes
3 genera • 13 species


Albula Scopoli 1777    whitish, perhaps referring to silvery appearance of A. vulpes

Albula argentea Forster 1801    silvery, referring to fine silvery body (“Corpus teres, argenteum”) and/or smooth silvery (“glabra argentea”) opercula

Albula esuncula (Garman 1899)    described from larval specimens, which Garman said closely resembled Esunculus costai Kaup 1856 (=larval A. vulpes); –unculus, diminutive suffix, referring, as Kaup explained, to the “miniature likeness of its members” to Esox (pikes)

Albula gilberti Pfeiler & van der Heiden 2011    in honor of “pioneer” ichthyologist Charles Henry Gilbert (1859-1928), who, in 1889, first recorded the metamorphosis of bonefish leptocephali, and likely collected what is now recognized as this species

Albula glossodonta (Forsskål 1775)    glossa, tongue; odontos, tooth, referring to broad patches of coarse and blunt teeth on tongue

Albula goreensis Valenciennes 1846    ensis, suffix denoting place: Gorée, Senegal, type locality

Albula koreana Kwun & Kim 2011    Korean, referring to to type locality around southeast coast of Korea (also occurs off northern coast of Taiwan)

Albula nemoptera (Fowler 1911)    nema, thread; pteron, fin, referring to filamentous rays of ends of dorsal and anal fins

Albula oligolepis Hidaka, Iwatsuki & Randall 2008    oligo-, few; lepis, scales; authors say name refers to “small scales” but description singles out fewer pored lateral line scales as key difference compared to other members of A. argentea (=forsteri) complex

Albula pacifica (Beebe 1942)    referring to distribution in eastern Pacific

Albula virgata Jordan & Jordan 1922    striped, referring to dark stripes extending lengthwise on the body mainly between the rows of scales

Albula vulpes (Linnaeus 1758)    fox, possibly referring to their speed (some anglers call them the sprinters of the fish world)

Subfamily PTEROTHRISSINAE                      

Nemoossis Hidaka, Tsukamoto & Iwatsuki 2016    nemo, absence; ossis, bones, referring to absence of supraneural bones

Nemoossis belloci (Cadenat 1937)    in honor of Gérard Belloc, Directeur du Laboratoire de l’Office scientifique et technique des Pèches maritimes à La Rochelle, head of research cruise during which type was captured

Pterothrissus Hilgendorf 1877    pteron, fin, referring to long dorsal fin; thrissa, herring (genus originally placed in herring family, Clupeidae)

Pterothrissus gissu Hilgendorf 1877    gisu, Japanese vernacular for this species